Cases being intervened by the Commission

ASCPCR (c) 69/2017 == Case of corporal punishment at Bhavanipur LP School in Noonmati, Guwahati.

On receiving complain from a student, his parents and other parents of students of the Bhabanipur Primary school at Noonmati, in Guwahati, about physical abuse and mental harassment from the Principal of the school and corporal punishment by teachers, the ASCPCR immediately wrote to the Executive Director SSA, Assam to investigate the matter.

On receiving a reply and report from SSA, after Inspector of Schools visited the concerned school, the ASCPCR team visited the school. The report said there is no evidence of corporal punishment or abuse by the head mistress or teachers in the school and the complainant students and parents have lied.

Headed by Member Rupa Hazarika, staff Sumindra Bhuyan and Manisha Lahkar visited the school and to their surprise the report submitted by SSA official was contrary to the actual situation in school.Since many students complained of corporal punishment and abuse by Principal, the team tried to assess the situation.

The Commission found that:
• There is violation of Child Rights and the mentioned offence punishable under u/s 17 of RTE 2009, and u/s 82 of JJ Act 2015.
• Also, the construction of a platform within school premises at the playground hampers the school environment. Falsely claimed vegetable garden was also nowhere to be found.