Cases being intervened by the Commission

ASCPCR (c) 63/2017== Case related to illegal adoption of a baby boy in Golaghat

The case was brought to ASCPCR in August 2017 and involves the adoption of a baby boy illegally in Golaghat. A male baby was born to a couple in January 2017in Kushal Konwar Civil Hospital, Kamarbandha Golaghat, but the baby was given away to another couple by an ASHA worker.

It was noticed that first, when the adoptive parents were presented before CWC, they had no legal documents to prove officialadoption. Later when the Deed of Adoption was presented, it had no signature of the biological father.A case was also registered against the Advocate and Notary involved in signing the Adoption Deed without signature of the biological father (Violating Hindu Adoption Maintenance Act), and the adoptive parents who refused to surrender the baby to CWC. The CWC was supposed tohandover the baby to SAA.

The ASCPCR Chairperson, on August 16th wrote to the Deputy Commissioner of Golaghat for immediate action under the reasons:

• Adoptive Parents not surrendering the baby to CWC, mandatory under u/s 35 of JJ Act 2015.
• Child not legally declared free for adoption under u/s 38 of JJ Act.
• No procedures as per the adoption regulations 2016 framed by CARA were followed.
• The above mentioned situation is punitive under u/s 80, JJ ACT 2015.
• Commission doubts monetary transaction in the case involving ASHA worker and adoptive parents.

The case is in progress