Cases being intervened by the Commission

ASCPCR (c) 89/2017 == Case about corporal punishment being imposed by teachers in a city school, DD academy

In November 2017, on being informed of Corporal Punishment incidents in DD Academy, a private school at Chahal area in Guwahati, a team of ASCPCR visited the school. The principal was warned of violation of section 17 of RTE Act, 2009 and Section 75 and 82 of the JJ Act, 2015. He accepted the fact that violation was happening in the school and assured it shall not be repeated.

The Commission acted promptly and:

• A session on child rights was given to students and use of Child Line number and facilities was also told to them.
• The Commission instructed the school authorities to install CC TV cameras in the school premises.
• It recommended workshops for teachers and school management on Childrights.

The school has abided by the recommendations given by the Commission.