Cases being intervened by the Commission

ASCPCR (c) 92/2017 == Case related to prohibition of beggary by children in market places in Guwahati

The Chairperson, Dr. SunitaChangkakati, and members came across pictures of slum children being forced into beggary in Fancy Bazaar area in November 2017. She, along with member RupaHazarika and staff SaumindraBhuyan immediately visited the area in Fancy Bazaar and identified the children.

The children were in pathetic condition. They were left on the spot and being monitored by an older child. The children were sedated to restrict too much of movements.

It was understood that even when people leave food clothes and money for the children, all is taken away and they are again left in a pitiable condition to continue earning through beggary.

It is all being done by an organized racket involved in the business of beggary, under direct violation of JJ Act 2015.

Commission took immediate steps:

• The Chairperson has written to the DC and Mayor to pass strict order to shop owners not to allow any such child beggars near their businesses.
• The Commission also requested administration to take stringent action against the racketeers who are using narcotics against children and forcing them into beggary doing crime under Bombay Begging Act 1959.
• It is noticed by the Commission that when some such children were earlier rescued and put in shelter homes, parents retrieved them and helped the racketeers put them back into beggary.
• First letter sent to DC and mayor on November 17, 2017.
• Second reminder letter requesting for action and action taken report sent on December 5th.

The district administration has been reminded again to take action in the matter at the earliest.