Cases being intervened by the Commission

ASCPCR (c) 57/2017 == Case of a girl child, drowning in a city swimming pool

A Seven years old girl child, student of KendriyaVidyalaya IIT, Guwahati, passed away in a drowning incident in the swimming pool of the Town Club, Guwahati, on June 9th2017, during her swimming classes.

The parents of the deceased child, submitted a prayer to ASCPCR for proper enquiry in the case, where they alleged that the child died due to negligence of the trainer and staff at the pool. The mother, who was present at the spot on the day of the incident, said that in spite of her repeated request for help from swimming instructor on seeing her daughter drown, no help came. By the time the child was pulled out and sent to hospital it was too late.

The prayer was submitted with Death certificate, postmortem report, CCTV footage, Newspaper cuttings, Police Report and Swimming Pool Fee Receipt. The Police eventually submitted its Charge sheet in the matter after repeated reminders from the Commission. The parents were called to the Commission and had sittings with Chairperson and members a few times. The ASCPCR also sent its team members to the Club Pool to take the version of the staff there. The staff was not very cooperative.

The Commission summoned the Manager and the Swimming instructor present on the day of the incident, on September 8th, for the first hearing. Again on September 21st, the hearing took place, when also the second swimming instructor was called.

The Commission, during the hearings noted:
•   There was no life Jacket, oxygen cylinder, or medical kit at the pool on the day of the incident.
•   No medical certificate was demanded on time of the admission of the child for swimming classes.
•   The concerned lady coach was feared by students as she used to beat them.
•   Only two coaches were present in the pool area on the day of the incident.

The case is in progress and not yet completed, more hearings have been scheduled.