Cases being intervened by the Commission

ASCPCR (c) 85/2017 == Case about abduction of a minor girl and solemnization of marriage in Bahjani, Nalbari

In September 2017, father of a minor girl, of Bahjani, Nalbari, approached the ASCPCR to intervene in the case which involves abduction of his 17 years old daughter by a man from Kalakuchi, and marrying her. A case was registered in Nalbari Police Station, and the girl was once returned to parents but again taken away by the accused.

The Chairperson, ASCPCR wrote to the DC Nalbari, to intervene and take action against the culprit and rescue the minor to be presented before CWC, as the offence had been carried out under Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 and POCSO Act, 2012.

The Police took immediate action.