Visit to Bhaskar Vidyapith H. S, School in Guwahati

An enquiry team of the Assam State Commission For Protection of Child Rights headed by Mrs. Indrani Tahbildar and Mrs. Rupa Hazarika, Members of the Commission, along with Mr. Sumindra Bhuyan and Manisha Talukdar, officials of the Commission visited the Bhaskar Vidyapith HS School in Guwahati on February 27, 2018, after receiving a written complaint regarding expulsion of students from a student.

Observations by the team

The ASCPCR team found that the principal of the school was not very cooperative, so another teacher interacted with them.

She explained that the complainant student was recently expelled due to serious misconduct in the school premises, where as many other students were detained or denied promotion to another class due to poor academic performance, on which parents took offence and shifted their ward to other schools in their respective native towns.

The team found that the school failed to maintain proper hygiene and also observed few violation of RTE Act. They also saw that the teachers of the school do not have proper awareness on Acts related to Child Rights.



Action taken by the commission

  1. The Commission instructed the school to submit the student’s data of class VIII, IX and X of the year 2016-17 and 2017-18 for getting exact number of dropout students.
  2. The Commission also asked the school authority to submit the dropout list of the students with proper details and their contact numbers so that the situation and status of the students can be verified.
  3. The Commission instructed the school authority to submit the copy of the resolution taken by the SMC and the school administration for expelling Master the complainant student.