Visit to Kid Veda School in Guwahati at Shreenagar Road

After getting information from various print and electronic media regarding abduction of a child from his school ‘Kid Veda’, at Shreenagar, Christian Basti, a team of the Assam State Commission For Protection of Child Rights headed by Mrs Anuja Bhuyan, Member Secretary ASCPCR and Mrs Rupa hazarika, Member, visited the concerned Kid Veda School February 08, 2018.

On interacting with the teachers the team was given the exact happenings regarding the kidnapping and safe return of the child to his parents.

The ASCPCR findings from the visit

There was no trained security person at the school, no categorised employee team to take care of administrative and academic needs of the institution. Lack of proper documents and no proper license was there. No separate toilets for male and female children. The school failed to follow the given guidelines for running a Kid Veda centre