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As we humans go through the ups and downs of life, amidst the ever increasing complexities of existence, the smile of a child often strikes us like the beam of light at the end of a dark tunnel. Through my association with children, as a social worker and as a mother, in the last three decades, I have discovered within me a strong desire to remain an active part of any effort that provides me an opportunity to protect and promote child rights. Either by raising my voice or getting into direct action; working for children, their safety and development, has become my passion.

I have observed, no matter what the circumstances in life, a child always has the capacity to retain innocence and hope in its heart and never ever wishes to harm anyone, unless self-defense becomes inevitable. My heart bleeds when I come across children being brutally treated or being deprived of their basic rights in a world where every religion or holy book teaches kindness and selflessness, and places a child next to God. Violation of child rights cannot be anything but the greatest sin.

I feel honoured to be given the responsibility of chairing the Assam State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, and feel fortunate to be supported by a team of members and staff, highly dedicated to the cause of Child Rights. It is our utmost responsibility to make the state of Assam a safe haven for children irrespective of their social, ethnic and religious identity; through advocacy, intervention and facilitation. I also humbly request the people of the state to join hands with us and do their bit in furthering the cause. Let us make our efforts a continuous process, till we experience the foreseen change. Let us, eradicate all evils against children to the maximum, as early as possible.

Joi Ai Asom
Jai Bharat Mata

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